Consecration to St Joseph

Consecration to St Joseph

Join us in preparing for and consecrating (or re-consecrating) yourself and your family to St. Joseph. Preparation begins on Saturday, March 30 and ends with our consecration after the 7:30 AM Mass on Wednesday, May 1.

Stop in the parish office to purchase the book, Consecration to St. Joseph, The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father by Fr. Donald H. Calloway for $5 OR Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families (book, calendar, and sticker set) by Fr. Donald H. Calloway and co-author Scott L. Smith, Jr. for $10.


Pope Francis proclaimed a Year of Saint Joseph from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021. But, you can consecrate yourself and your family to St. Joseph any time! Find all the resources you need to learn more about St. Joseph and the consecration.

Upon declaring it a Year of St. Joseph, Pope Francis also wrote an Apostolic Letter, Patris Corde, meaning With a Father’s Heart. You can read his letter here:

Patris Corde

Devotions to Saint Joseph

Consecration to St Joseph for Families

Protect your family! Entrust your family to St. Joseph. Why? Because God, Himself, did. God entrusted the Holy Family to St. Joseph to keep them safe, and so should you.

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Consecration to St Joseph

A consecration to St Joseph means that you acknowledge him as your spiritual father and want to be like him.  To show it, you entrust yourself entirely to his paternal care so as to acquire his virtues and become holy.

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Meditate on the Our Father

This prayer contains the sure promise made by Jesus to his disciples: “I will not leave you orphaned” (Jn 14:18), and gives us the confidence to receive and welcome the gift of our brothers and sisters.

Meditation Option

Pray the Holy Rosary

The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events in the history of our salvation.

How to Pray the Rosary

FORMED Videos on St Joseph

FORMED provides the very best Catholic content from more than 60 organizations to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere.

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Feast of St Joseph, Husband of Mary

Reciting the litany of St Joseph is an option to honor him on his feast days.  The just man was simply, joyfully, wholeheartedly obedient to God—in marrying Mary, in naming Jesus, in shepherding the precious pair to Egypt, in bringing them to Nazareth, in the undetermined number of years of quiet faith and courage.

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Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Invoke the intercession of St Joseph on this feast day.  There is very little about the life of Joseph in Scripture but still, we know that he was the chaste husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus, a carpenter and a man who was not wealthy.

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Purchase St Joseph Oil

Saint Joseph Oil is not a treatment. Nor is it a preparation with curative powers, to say nothing of a magical practice. It must be viewed as a gesture of faith.

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Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are actions we can perform that extend God’s compassion and mercy to those in need.

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Father Donald Calloway’s Consecration to St.  Joseph Videos

What does it mean to consecrate yourself to St. Joseph?
Well, it basically means that you acknowledge that he is your spiritual father, and you want to be like him. To show it, you entrust yourself entirely into his paternal care so that he can help you acquire his virtues and become holy. Total consecration to St. Joseph means you make a formal act of filial entrustment to your spiritual father so that he can take care of your spiritual well-being and lead you to God. The person who consecrates himself to St. Joseph wants to be as close to their spiritual father as possible, to the point of resembling him in virtue and holiness. Saint Joseph, in turn, will give those consecrated to him his undivided attention, protection, and guidance.

33 Days of Consecration to St. Joseph:  Each video goes along with the daily reading from the Consecration to St. Joseph book.


St Joseph 
Patron Saint of Fathers and Families Feast Day:  March 19

“Let us alow ourselves to be infected by St. Joseph’s silence!  We need it greatly, in a world that is often too noisy, that does not favor meditation or listening to the voice of God.”
-Pope Benedict XVI

Taken from the book, “Sitting Like A Saint”
by Dr. Gregory & Barbara Bottaro


St. Joseph was Mary’s husband and Jesus’ father here on earth.  As a man of the house, he was given the great task of protecting Mary and Jesus.  St. Joseph was also a carpenter – someone who uses wood to build things, like a table and chairs, or a crib for a baby.  What important jobs St. Joseph had!  To make sure he did his best, St. Joseph was often silent.  This helped him to focus on each of his responsibilities and always be open to hear the voice of God in his heart so he could take care of his famiy.

Silent Pause

Sometimes when we are trusted with responsibilities, it is hard to stay focsed on our tasks. Life can be so noisy and distracting!  By taking a few quiet moments, we are able to calm our mind and body; we can focus on our tasks too, really being in the present moment, and maybe even enjoy our work!

Sit up tall in a chair or on the floor.  Close your eyes if you’d like.  Take three slow, deep breaths in and out.

Just focus on your breath and on your body sitting here in the presence of God.

Now start to notice your body.  Notice how the floor or chair feels under your bottom.  Notice the feeling of your legs either on the floor or on the chair.  Notice the feeling of your hands either on your lap or at your sides.

Is your body warm?  Cold?

Don’t try to change anything; just sit with all of these sensations, paying attention to your whole body sitting here, breathing.

Don’t try to change anything.  Take a few more slow, deep breaths in and out.  Feel awake and alert, right here, right now.

St. Joseph, pray for us!